The concept revolves around the idea of single space living.  There are no formal boundaries between the functions that typically form part of everyday life. You come here to relax, to experience a different way of life.

A low roof over the bathroom and bedroom area provides an intimate space where intimacy is most expected. This space is then contrasted with a high volume over the living, dining and kitchen area providing a sense of spaciousness, with light coming in from clerestory windows above.

The bedroom and bathroom are placed on the eastern side to benefit from the light and warmth of the morning sun. The living and kitchen area is placed on the western side to welcome the setting sun. All have big views towards the north, towards the waterhole.

A covered patio spills out onto a shaded deck which flows into a small splash pool. The outside area has been designed as an outdoor room which acts as a transition from inside to outside. The ratio of inside to outside space is equal, suggesting a way of life where the emphasis is placed on outside living. A small intimate boma is placed on the western side, providing a sense of privacy from the adjacent unit and main lodge.