November 18, 2015

4 Afrika, Driving Mozambique

You may not have thought of Mozambique as a classic road trip destination. But it has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. Niel & Elize […]
September 23, 2015

Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise

6-hour TV Series begins airing on PBS Sept 22nd Over the past two years, a team of filmmakers has been documenting the restoration effort in Gorongosa […]
August 25, 2015

Islands and Jungles

From OR Tambo its two days and three flights later until we finally hop on Pegasus of London, a catamaran built by St Francis Marine back […]
August 6, 2015

Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Lab Opens

Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Lab Opens March 29, 2014 Professor Edward O. Wilson, a man heralded by the National Geographic Society as ‘the greatest naturalist of […]
January 12, 2016

Driving Mozambique, Part 6

Goodbye Cabo Delgado, hello Nampula! All good things have to come to an end, or so we thought. We left Ibo with a heavy heart – […]
January 11, 2016

Driving Mozambique, Part 5

 Ibo Island Anyone interested in the history of the Indian Ocean will know about Ilha do Ibo. Arab traders have been frequenting its shores for hundreds […]
January 11, 2016

Driving Mozambique, Part 4

Arco Norte – the Northern Arc With full tanks and four jerrycans, we departed Lichinga for the Reserva Nacional da Niassa. 30kms out of town, we […]
January 3, 2016

Driving Mozambique, part 3

The Western Road Luis dos Santos Namanha, Park Warden of the recently proclaimed Magoe National Park south of the Cahora Bassa lake, is a likeable man. […]