From OR Tambo its two days and three flights later until we finally hop on Pegasus of London, a catamaran built by St Francis Marine back home. It caters for 8 people which includes a crew of two – in this case good friends Hannes and Julia, the Captain and Chef. The next 8 days are spent slowly sailing through the tiny islands of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Days are spent diving, snorkelling, kayaking, eating, drinking and pretty much just taking it all in.

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It’s a rich man’s world but with our saffa accents we fit right in and play the part of foreign distinguished guests without a sweat. When we occasionally dock to hit a local rum bar or grill, we cringe at cost of things, grit our teeth and haul out the $8 for a beer. Its moments like these that I dream longingly for a 18 buck Zamalek but alas, the moment doesn’t last long.

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8 days later and a whole lot browner we take a flight to San Jose in Costa Rica. From here its adventure after adventure and we jokingly dub it the amazing race. From waterfalls to jungles, tree houses to palm beaches, white water rafting and unbearable humidity (combined with killer mozzies) we pretty much do it all and get a good idea of what the country has to offer.   The people have warm hearts and the local beer is cheap.

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Three weeks and nine flights later we are totally drained when we get home and very grateful that we have a long weekend to recover. An epic adventure and a once in a life time experience indeed, but next time we’ll go somewhere a little closer!


Written by Arno Pieters:

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